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It is very likely that you will start doing so because of the test in your relationship. Your partner will have very different ideas from what you have about yourself, and will tell you that. You will need to take some time to think about it, and the end result will be a new Aquarian — revamped wardrobes, new haircut and look are expected. Thus, redefining identity will be an important project for their lives. Identity is what unlocks doors and, whether true or false, is the secret cause of everything that happens. Once the dust of eclipses has subsided, love will be a happy sector for the Aquarian.

The Month Ahead for Aquarius

There will be more time to devote to relationships, and then greater clarity about what you want will also come. Those in solid relationships will see progress in the relationship, and bad relationships will dissolve. Single Aquarians will feel ready for an upcoming, even better relationship! The process of personality redefinition will also spill over into the love life, while the partner will also be going through a similar process.

Do you still love this new person? Now that you are changing, what feelings have remained? For singles, this change will not have such an impact, especially due to the permanence of their annual social peak. Your sign will have many love opportunities to choose from. Serious loves, casual, fun, everything is at your disposal. You will be more attracted to intellectual, artistic, or popular people. Finally, on August 30, the moon will illuminate this sector. Love will become more fun and even the most serious relationships will gain a touch of lightness.

If there is a problem in life together, try to have more fun together, laugh more! As with weak relationships, weakened business partnerships will also be at risk during the solar eclipse earlier this month. The lunar eclipse of the 16th will have an impact on Neptune, its finance planet.

This is pretty much the same situation as during the solar eclipse of February 6th. The only difference is that in August your finance planet is in retrograde motion, so you need to think more carefully about the changes. The need for change will be very apparent. Even job changes may be on the way.

If you employ staff, you will find that the period may suggest some turnover.

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Now if you need a job, be aware that great opportunities will pass you by. Some larger projects will be postponed, which is good given this configuration. In the future, the chances of them working better are much greater. Prosperity is even likely to knock at your door, bringing unexpected gains.

Your Horoscope This Week

Although positive, this amount can leave the Aquarian confused and stressed. Work clear mentally on finances, as events are better than they seem. On August 22, the loving partner will enter a current financial peak, and will likely behave more generously. However, between the 22nd and 27th, a certain disagreement may arise between you regarding money, but everything should end well. High tech items can suffer from malfunctions.

Broadly horoscope

Be sure to keep up-to-date programs like antivirus on your phone and computer. Already in the early days of the month, Mars square Uranus should make things more delicate.

Drive more carefully, avoid getting into conflict or risky situations. It will be important to keep your temper under control, as other people will be more likely to react unreasonably. Your health has been weak since July 22, and will continue until August 2. Do not be afraid and do not go too far alone in the next fortnight. The 22nd, 2nd decan your dreams will turn into reality if you rest your feet on the ground and act concretely and lucidly rather than continue to hover. Up to you. The 23rd, 3rd decan, mischief is in sight if you provoke your partner and the others and use your originality to obtain what you covet but without regard for anyone else.

You may just lose credit and some feathers. So one tip: Think before pushing others to their end. The 25th, 2nd decan, you take back the reins and control of the operations masterfully and you show yourself to be very effective today where, a priori, you have once again found your spirit. The 31st, an end of the month where between reflection, a return on oneself, and aspiration, your dreams and reality should go hand in hand and give you the feeling of moving slowly but surely towards an ideal that is now at your fingertips and in your heart Love your comments Susan from the site Free-Horoscope.

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Ascendant signs. Descendant signs. Astrology throughout the World. Astrological Transits. Have goals and ambitions? You can go far by connecting with those who share your passions, and this can be a winning formula. The week four New Moon is perfect for making a start on bold plans, and someone may show up who is ready to assist you. There's been such a massive emphasis on the 12th Solar House of your situation, that over the last year you may have found yourself going through a crash course in terms of understanding who you could really trust and rely upon.

But also given you are the zodiac's armchair psychologist, discovering a fantastical amount more about what makes you tick, but the motivations of others too. Is this process at an end? Well, truthfully, no, Aquarius. But there is a shift of emphasis this year, and a lot of it can be very positive. Last year saw a massive sluggathon between your modern ruler Uranus and Mars in your zodiac sign, from mid-May through to late September. This could have brought some complex issues, particularly around your family, and emotional security very much to the fore.

aquarius weekly horoscope january 1 Aquarius weekly horoscope january 1
aquarius weekly horoscope january 1 Aquarius weekly horoscope january 1
aquarius weekly horoscope january 1 Aquarius weekly horoscope january 1
aquarius weekly horoscope january 1 Aquarius weekly horoscope january 1
aquarius weekly horoscope january 1 Aquarius weekly horoscope january 1
aquarius weekly horoscope january 1 Aquarius weekly horoscope january 1
aquarius weekly horoscope january 1 Aquarius weekly horoscope january 1
aquarius weekly horoscope january 1 Aquarius weekly horoscope january 1
aquarius weekly horoscope january 1 Aquarius weekly horoscope january 1

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