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January 9 Zodiac - Complete Birthday Horoscope & Personality Profile

Period of anxiety and stress also for the Virgin : you are restless because you cannot find a solution to problems that afflict you. Tensions in love for aquarium is Pisces : talk to your partner to try to find a solution. Among the luckiest signs of today May 21 according to the horoscope Fox we cite the Capricorn : the long-awaited change in your life is about to come. Good too Scorpio and the Lion , especially at work level. Soon you will reap the fruits of what you have sown.

The complete horoscope for 21 May today. A new week starts. The stars foresee for many signs a day dedicated to reflection and questions to be solved. For example for the Scorpio, the Aquarius and i Fish. Novelty in love instead for Capricorn and Gemini. For those who are single, it may be time for new meetings. Fall day pe r Taurus and Cancer : you want to transform your life, but you can't always decide everything.

Today, Saturday 18 May , according to Paolo Fox Aries , the Bull and i Gemini they will have to deal with some problems and nervousness, deriving from work or love life. Lion , Virgin is Capricorn instead, they will devote themselves to their life as a couple, being pampered and filled with attention by their partner; Libra, on the other hand, would do well to accept some support from others …. Today, Friday 17 May , according to Paolo Fox?

For many signs it will be positive, while others will suffer a bit: those of stress, those of jealousy. From the point of view of love, a favorable day for Aries , to the Capricorn and to the Virgin. In the recovery phase there Scorpio. Nervousness and stress instead for aquarium is Lion. Gemini , keep calm: there is no need to make unnecessary controversy. What will today's day be like, Thursday 16 May?

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For some signs, certainly positive. We are talking for example of the Pisces , which will have many new features in love, especially if single and looking for stability. There Virgin instead, he will enjoy moments full of passion with his partner, which will be a momentum for the whole day. Gemini is aquarium , instead, they will have great satisfactions at work. They won't do very well, instead, Cancer is Aries , with some cats to peel because of some colleagues.

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But there will be time, as always, to recover big. Today, Wednesday 15 May , it will be a positive day for many signs. Let's start with Bull, that could receive from the stars a good dose of luck in love. Those born under the sign of Virgin instead they will enjoy excellent news on the job, while the Sagittarius stands out for the energy it puts into everything it does.


THE Pisces moreover they can be considered in a positive phase of the month, full of optimism despite some headaches. Among the less fortunate signs, however, we certainly have the Aries , tired already mid-week, but also Cancer is Lion , nervous because of some false people. On this Tuesday there will be many new things from the point of view of the stars. For what signs: certainly for Cancer, called to make important choices for the future, but also for Libra and Capricorn, in search of new stimuli.

Aquarius and Pisces, on the other hand, will spend the day mulling over some past mistakes, even if the stars advise you to always look ahead. Difficult day instead for Ariete and Leone, who will have to do with some doubts of too much in love. Start a new week and bring a nice dose of luck for some zodiac signs. Surely among them is the Taurus, who will have a smile on his lips all day long.

But he is not the only one: Cancer will manage to get behind some work problems and with this good news he will face the week in the best way. Capricorn, on the other hand, will finally put his head out of the sand after almost a month in a bad mood and sadness. The day, of course, will not be positive for everyone. There are also some signs with which the stars will not be very benevolent: fortunately, however, nothing is irreparable.

Positive Sunday for several signs of the zodiac. Especially Aries, Taurus, Sagittarius and Pisces will do well. Not a period to remember for Aquarius and Cancer. But don't worry, the storm will pass soon. For Aries, spring is in the air and can be heard. The Taurus will have a complicated day to complete, while the Twins will have some recent problems to send down. Cancer will be quite nervous today, while the Lion will again be the protagonist of the day with his energy. Virgo's friends will have important news at work, while Libra will have some monetary anxiety.

Scorpio should re-evaluate its sentimental path if it is not happy with what it has, while Sagittarius will have a positive day. Capricorn today takes advantage of the weekend to recover the energy lost during the week, while the Aquarius will live a tormented day and the Pisces will have a positive working day. A weekend begins in the name of love for many signs according to the horoscope of Paul Fox today Friday 10 May Especially Libra, the invitation is to use the weekend to stay in the company of the partner.

Aries, on the other hand, might be tempted to transgress, especially if he no longer feels satisfied with his own story. The Twins can take advantage of the weekend to recover a story in crisis. A few health ailments, however, for Taurus. Recover the Lion after a gray period: you have returned to being full of energy and desire to do. Among the less fortunate signs, instead, the Libra, take advantage of the weekend to recharge the batteries.

A day marked by stress for many signs like Aries. The commitments and things to do are many and this causes you anxiety. Resist and be patient. Same thing for the Libra: take full advantage of your natural balance. Tension today on May 9th according to the horoscope of Paolo Fox also for Scorpio: you are working hard, but the results for now are hard to see. We come to the lucky signs. On all the Virgin, which continues in its golden period: love is very good. The sign of Gemini is resumed after a dark period: at the top the weekend.

Well also the sign of Taurus, your commitment will soon be rewarded. Among the signs that according to the daily horoscope of Paul Fox live a negative day we mention Capricorn and Aquarius. Many signs today, May 8th, need a change of air and new experiences. Among these surely the Virgin and the Scorpion.

In these cases it is necessary to remain calm, to avoid discussions with your loved ones. In particular, this concerns the friends of Taurus and Aries: hold on, better moments will come soon and interesting meetings that could represent the turning point. In love delicate moment for the Lion and the Pisces: if you have had discussions with the partner, talk to each other and try to clarify. Every year Paolo Fox draws up his highly anticipated list of the most fortunate signs.

A vademecum for all lovers of astrology, which also becomes one of the best-selling books in the library. Also for the horoscope the astrologer took into consideration three parameters: love, work and luck. On this basis, he created graphs with the sign-by-sign trend throughout the months of But what are the luckiest signs of May according to Paolo Fox? Surely the Taurus, who in general lives a period at the top from all points of view, from love to work. Good in this month according to the horoscope Fox also Aries: for singles it may be the best time to find a soul mate. Compared to the previous months in recovery in May signs such as Sagittarius, Pisces and Gemini.

The stars are on your side: take advantage of it. For the other signs of the horoscope it will generally be a month of transition, with a series of inevitable ups and downs. A phase not particularly bright according to the horoscope of Paul Fox for other signs like Scorpio and Aquarius. Paolo Fox is considered one of the most important and reliable Italian astrologers.

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Known and popular, thanks to its participation in Rai broadcasts such as I fatti vostri and Mezzogiorno in famiglia, it is appreciated for its good-natured and calm style. His horoscope is consulted daily by many people.

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Astrology has become a passion for Fox since he was a boy. The popularity comes starting to make radio on Lattemiele, which broadcasts its horoscope twice a day. The great public success comes with TV. Paolo Fox's horoscope has also ended up in much-sold books such as Astrotest, and also publishes the New Year's horoscope for Cairo Editore every year.

Little or nothing is known about his private life. It is not a worldly type and does not like to go around in parties or discos. He has no children, but we don't know if he has a relationship or if he is single. Each sign has its own characteristics, which are poured above all in the character and way of being of each one. Even those who are more skeptical about the horoscope, in fact, cannot fail to notice how the peculiarities of a sign can be found in their own character or in that of the people we visit.

An aspect that the popular astrologer always emphasizes. Moreover, astrology can give some general indications, not to foresee the future magically. Below are the detailed features for all twelve signs of the zodiac:. Born in , he was born in a small town in the province of Reggio Calabria, but has lived in Rome for about ten years. Professional journalist. Over the years he has developed different experiences in online newspapers, radio and TV. He attended the Master in Journalism of Lumsa.

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oroscopo oggi cancerne meet astrology Oroscopo oggi cancerne meet astrology
oroscopo oggi cancerne meet astrology Oroscopo oggi cancerne meet astrology
oroscopo oggi cancerne meet astrology Oroscopo oggi cancerne meet astrology
oroscopo oggi cancerne meet astrology Oroscopo oggi cancerne meet astrology
oroscopo oggi cancerne meet astrology Oroscopo oggi cancerne meet astrology

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