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My question was should i continue with this collection. I think i know the answer. Hi Samantha. It does sound like you were coming to a realization while you were writing this. I would just add that Venus stations retrograde on a very creative star, Alphecca. Then it stations direct on two extremely fortunate stars which are good for success, wealth and renown. Sounds like it should work out fine. Though it will depend on your chart and transits of course. What you exactly mean by succes. Because the creation itself and the satisfaction you get from it, the feeling good, the heightened awareness etc are the main components of succes.

This does not have to be a problem, but it is … different. What you need for it is being social, learning to know people and becoming someone people like to know. This is indeed very Venusian, and Jamie can tell you more about this. But : nothing is more boring to people than someone who only talks about themselves. This can be, or become, a problem. At best they start repeating themselves. And potential clients notice this and stay away. I personally have ditched the latter because it made me unhappy, and I now paint what I want, and when I want it. But I am not that snobbish that I would assume anyone has to be or do like me.

Thank you Jamie for all your posts, i enjoy them each time. You are the only astrologer i know who works with them and i was wondering if you could give us some indication of where to find more info besides the mentions at the bottom of your posts, and where to be able to calculate them in our own chart, thanks in advance. The extended chart maker at astro.

Otherwise go to my main fixed stars page where I explain how to calculate the difference between your chart and the year star positions. I also have a bigger list of references at the very bottom of the page. Wondering if we will permanently sever ties. Dear Jamie, I was wondering this…Recently I met a person romantic date , it was during Jupiter transit on my natal North Node in Scorpio Sep 21, sharp conj at 21 degrees , on a business trip. Now this person has started to slow things down, being reluctant at the idea of a long-distance relation same country, but very far away …Do you think this may be due to Venus Rx I met him in phase 1?

Will direct Venus, after the Nov 15th, possibly unblock the situation? Here is my case:. I am Divine Femine Twin Flame. We are 4 months in separation, no contact. I am 10 years in celibacy. Because of sneaky behaviors and deception from my DM in the past, I have some big trust isues due to him, I was carying big fear of being betrayed.

Venus Morning Star - Venus Evening Star - Astrodienst

I have had some negativity from time to time in me because of DM deception. On 5 october I was smoking weed and was planing doing meditation and calming. After weed I am allways very peacefull and sensitive to energies that I can easily recognise. But 5 of october I felt some sort of negativity from my DM. I felt rejection. Suddenly I felt very unsecure and horny.

I recognize this was my DM. It all began.

Lunar Phases in Astrology & Planning in Alignment with the MOON!—with Heather

It was so unreal but I was feeling it. I was feeling huge sexual arousal and unsecurity at once. I was feeling strange sexual energy inside of my body. It was very weird, beautifull, great and ugly. I was feeling like I am having sex without my permision. After all I was feeling very happy and ugly at once.

Like after huge unwanted orgasm from betrayal. Then the negativity flow was unstopable all night. I was very unstable sad and angry. The day after I was feeling ugly energy in my body all day. I was in denial it could happen. How could you, how could You, we were so close to union, all of that hard work is gone, union is gone. My heart was closed and I was very, very angry. Now I am much stable, but so confused. Please tell me, what was that? Was it new cosmic energy flowing into my sacral chacra and unblocking it? Deep down I know, that DM will never hurt me but it was so real experience.

Please help, it is so confusing and sad. I feel betrayed. What you were feeling is the energy of the other woman he had sex with. Also because you are connected to him on an energetic level you could feel his sexual arousal through him. Your fear of being betrayed by him was legitimate as he was probably already seeing her since you went no contact.

Venus Retrograde

He probably thought he no longer has any tie to you and began dating someone else which is totally normal. The male Twin flames are always more stupid and less spiritually developed than us. The same thing happened to me with mine dating someone else for 7 years. During this Venus retrograde he still wants to have telepathic sex with me on the astral level.

I had a similar negative vibe ever since he started dating this new bitch. My sex drive was really low up until this Venus Retrograde when this moron my tf showed up in my dream and said he wanted to have sex which is horrible of him because he is still in that same relationship. I am also about to be done with him for life. I am seriously considering the possiblity that he is just a narcissistic abuser and this was all a huge mistake. Men are generally huge sluts, promiscuous, non monogamous. Twin flames or not, this is another person we are speaking of and they can live their life however they want.

I decided to content myself with that little since he showed no interest in me last time. I no longer look forward to union. I advise you to do the same. Start looking for someone else and be happy. Hun if you connect when you smoke weed which it does do that for many people then what you felt was your higher self telling you to wake up from the dream of something that probably will never happen.

Twin Flames are very very rare and when you do find yours, trust me there will be no distance. Love yourself enough to know that when a man loves you, I mean truly loves you, he will move mountains for you. Forget the twin flame stuff. Good luck and best wishes. So my birthday is April 2, His bday is sept 4 We started chatting oct 6th online.

And within a day had already decided we wanted to meet. We met on oct 12th in person and had such a strong connection. Everything was amazing for about 5 days and then all of a sudden he stopped flirting. Turned quiet. I asked him about it and he says it doesnt mean anything and that hes still into me but just keeps saying hes busy. I even asked if hes just using that as an excuse to gently blow me off and he says no. I have a weird feeling about it. Ive seen this pattern before and ive always been right but id really like to be wrong.

If hes legit then i dont want to miss out on this opportunity, but if im right then i dont want to waste my time. Hi Margaret. I was told not to make any drastic appearance changes during Venus retrograde. Any suggestions?

Venus enters Scorpio

Hi Mike. That really depends on your own chart. If Mercury is making a difficult aspect to something important in your chart then yes, it would be better to wait. I strongly suggest that you may benefit by going to your general practitioner and asking for a referral to a mental health practitioner.

This suggestion is not said with malice and cones from a place of concern. Take care. I was foolish enough to start a relationship during a venus retrograde on November 8, It felt inevitable and really familiar. I felt like coming home. The nodes changed signs on 6th November , into Cancer and Capricorn. He is Capricorn and I am Cancer. We are no longer in a relationship but we are in contact. I know we have karma to sort. Did that brief period sort out our karma or is there still more to come?

He felt like a soulmate. Do relationships that end after venus turn direct ever resurrect or they die to never rekindle again? Is there no hope of restarting at any point again? Menu Skip to content.

Venus Retrograde Meaning

Search for:. September 26, April 17, Jamie Partridge. Great analysis Jamie. I can tell you that it is truly a cross to bear concerning relationships Reply. Thank you for your insights Reply. Wishing you lots of succes. YOUR succes! You are the only astrologer i know who works with them and i was wondering if you could give us some indication of where to find more info besides the mentions at the bottom of your posts, and where to be able to calculate them in our own chart, thanks in advance Reply.

Thank you so much, i really appreciate it Reply. Thank you Reply. It could be a great time to go and get a refund and have people pay up, likewise you can reimburse or repay others. Your instincts could be off during this time so stick to window-shopping or check the returns policy. It could be a great time to manifest and attract some beautiful impromptu pieces into your life — think flea markets, second hand shops or simply a gift from a friend. A relationship started during Venus Retrograde will carry the energies of that particular time; as Carl Jung said:. Projects, relationships, people and businesses all carry an astrological imprint; a relationship commenced during Venus Retrograde could get off to a repetitive or exasperating start.

A suitor could seem far more magnificent, charming and fabulous than they really are, and when Venus resumes normal function the rose tinted glasses come off. Reaffirm your love, rekindle and reignite the romance, rejoice and reproduce! Seek gratitude for the peak of happiness in that moment, and if you decide an old flame could be reignited the universe could well support you now…. Feminine hobbies are particularly favored — for example jewellery making, beauty and fashion, make-up and hair, baking, flower arranging and interior decoration.

You can rediscover them now…. Sounds silly but if you suffer from sugar cravings Venus Retrograde could be just the time to tackle your habit! Invite the divine feminine into your world and cement its presence with the Venus Retrograde. Reestablish friendships with the women you love and appreciate their soft yet strong attributes — embrace womanhood and what it means to be an empowered female today.

Regroup or plan a reunion with your girls, recollect and celebrate them and why you value their friendship. Repair and patch up relationships that are lacking. Planet Venus will be moving through Libra then Scorpio, retrograding through Scorpio, back to Libra then going forwards, again in through Libra and Scorpio. A useful exercise might be to note the happenings over the respective weekends, to see if there were any notable occurrences.

What did you learn? What felt amazing? Information will be treated confidentially. Save Save Save Save. Save Save. Kimberly started Star Sign Style to gather together all things celestial in a honey pot of wonder. She's studied astrology in London and India, specialising in the fashion and beauty of the stars. Her Sagittarius moon lights up with talk of travel, while her Mercury in Taurus waxes lyrical over cosmic cosmetics. Read Your Halloween Horoscope! The Astrological Significance Of Halloween…. Astrology for the aesthetically inclined. Fashion, beauty and adornment with celebrity zodiac signs.

Venus Retrograde In Scorpio, October 6th …. What Is Venus Retrograde?

phases of venus astrology Phases of venus astrology
phases of venus astrology Phases of venus astrology
phases of venus astrology Phases of venus astrology
phases of venus astrology Phases of venus astrology
phases of venus astrology Phases of venus astrology
phases of venus astrology Phases of venus astrology
phases of venus astrology Phases of venus astrology
phases of venus astrology Phases of venus astrology

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